Need to finalize DVD without camcorder? CDRoller offers an alternative solution.

Imagine, you have a dozen of non-finalized DVDs with your favourite TV shows, sport programs, movies, etc. All discs were created by your dvd recorder that is now broken. Or, about 10 years ago, someone transfered your old VHS collection to DVDs and did not finalize them. The third scenario - your Sony Handycam DVD camcorder is gone, and you have a lot of non-finalized mini DVDs with priceless memories, including the first birthday of your daughter, her school performance, a nice family trip to Disneyland, ...

You're wondering, how to play all of these discs on your PC or DVD player? A solution seems to be easy - to find a ONE-CLICK tool that can help you to finalize the discs. Perhaps, some software even promises you to repair DVDs and make them playable... But please be careful - you have the good prospects to lose all data ! Because, when finalizing DVD-video discs, some additional procedures are required and can be done only by original firmware of your standalone recorder. The most reliable way is to retrieve unfinalized video to your computer first, and then create new discs that can be played back on DVD player.

Let's discuss how CDRoller can help you. In this article, we'll examine non-finalized DVD-R with some videos, created by Panasonic DMR-ES20 DVD recorder. At the first, we have to find and recover all recorded video from this DVD to our computer. We use a laptop with Windows 10 and external CD/DVD drive connected via USB port. Start CDRoller and select Recover DVD Video command from File menu. The first dialog suggests us to select computer drive:


Step 1. Select computer CD/DVD drive


Since we have only one CD/DVD drive, simply click the Next button.

At the Step 2, just insert DVD-R into the CD/DVD drive and wait for some time. After the disc recognition (DVD-R), we can see a dialog similar to the one shown here:


Step 2. Insert DVD


Click the Next button to go to the next step.

At the Step 3, let's select Any recorder in the Your device list and click the Select... button, in order to review all tracks, recorded on the DVD-R. The Select track dialog pops up:


Step 3. Select tracks to scan


Here, we have to tell about important thing - there is no need to scan ALL tracks on this non-finalized DVD! This is a general rule, only tracks with the highest length (#3, #6 and #9 in our example) look like the tracks with recorded video. Let's select these tracks and click the OK button. After that, we can see an updated dialog similar to the one shown here:


Step 3. Choose your DVD recorder


Click the Next button to go to the next step.


Step 4. Select scan method


Since we're going to scan this DVD-R the first time, just click the Next button.


Step 5. Searching DVD video files


After the scan process is completed, we can see the found video files under the Step 6 ...' dialog:


Step 6. Copy found DVD video files


Here, we can simply assign more friendly name for each found file with the help of Rename option. For example, track_03.vob instead of __0.vob. And finally, copy the files to our computer with the help of Recover All or Recover Selected commands.

In the next articles, we'll tell about playing the recovered video files, how to recover DVD movies transferred from old VHS tapes and how to rescue the most part of video in case of damaged areas on the disc.