How to play VOB files on your computer?

In the prior article, we recovered video from non-finalized DVD-R and saved it as VOB file(s) in our computer. Now, we're wondering, how to play the recovered video? Because, if we try to apply standard Windows players (Windows Media Player or Windows Player Classic) to VOB files, we most likely get only 10...20 seconds of play. Your computer may even freeze for a moment, trying to access to the VOB data.

There are at least 2 possible solutions. First, you can use specialized players like well-known PowerDVD from CyberLink. The recent version is available at web site.

Second, CDRoller offers an opportunity to convert VOB data into generic MPEG-2 files with the help of specialized Split Video option. In contrast to VOB files, MPEG-2 ones can be viewed properly with the help of Windows players. Just click the same button in the main ToolBar:

Split Video button in the main toolbar


Select the recovered VOB file in the next dialog and click the Open button. After that, you can see an updated dialog similar to the one shown here:

Split Video dialog


If you intend to convert several VOB files into MPG ones at the same destination folder, we recommend to select Assign manually for each video clip for MPEG file name under this dialog. Otherwise, new ClipXXXX.mpg files will overwrite old ones when converting each new VOB file.

Finally, just click the Start button to launch the process.

But what if you still have the problems with playing MPG files as well? For example, no sound? That means your Windows system has no an appropriate codec. The quickest solution is to install K-Lite Codec Pack. This is the best collection of video and audio codecs. It can also improve a quality of playing video.

To extract and save the selected fragment of video as a new file, you can use our simple Video Editor. If you need to to convert MPEG-2 files into MP4 ones, just try our Video Converter.