How to recover data from a damaged mini dvd ?

In the prior article, we recovered video from non-finalized DVD. But what if scan of the selected track on mini DVD seems to be stalled and a lot of sectors are not processed yet?


stalled scan on the damaged dvd


That almost always means the selected track contains the damaged area and your hardware (dvd drive) extremely slows the scan when trying to read bad sectors. A solution is to save the data from the successfully processed sectors to the video file first, localize the damaged area and then scan new blocks, starting on the good sectors, appending a new data to the same file. This method allows us to rescue the most part of video from the damaged disc, ignoring the bad sectors.

First, let's save the data from the successfully processed sectors to the video file. Just click Save & Show results button under Step 5 dialog. Now, we can see video file under Step 6 dialog:


Recover the first block of sectors on the damaged dvd


Here, let's assign more friendly name to the found file with the help of Rename option. For example, my_video.vob instead of __0.vob. Further, copy the file to computer with the help of Recover All or Recover Selected command.

Then, just close this window and use Back button in order to return to the Step 3.


Step 3. Params for the first scan on the damaged dvd


We've selected the track #4 on mini DVD-R with the Starting sector = 34816 and Length = 606496. As shown in the first picture above, 461426 sectors have been already processed, and we can now suppose the damaged area approximately begins on the sector with Logical Block Address (LBA) = 34816 + 461426 = 496242, and the length of remaining (non-processed) sectors is 606496 - 461426 = 145070. To detect the first good sector after the damaged area, let's test the short blocks (Starting sector, Length):

1. (500000, 2000)
2. (498000, 2000)
3. (497000, 1000)

Just type these values under Step 3 dialog and scan the selected areas. The results show us the scans of the first and second blocks completes shortly. However, the 3rd scan seems to be stalled immediately.

We can suppose the first good sector for the next scan is located between LBA = 497000 and LBA = 498000 . For more accurate results, we can test the less blocks of sectors, for example:

1. (497500, 500)
2. (497300, 200)
3. (497100, 200)

Using this method of successive approximations, we've detected the first starting sector for the next scan with LBA = 497500. This is an approximate value, because we've limited the length of the last fragment as 500 sectors. The length of the next scan can be calculated as: 34816 + 606496 - 497500 = 143812. Just type these new values under Step 3:


Step 3. Params for the new scan on the damaged dvd


Click Next buttons under Step 3 and Step 4. A new scan seems to be completed without any problems and we can see a new video file:


Step 6. Copy new video file


Now, simply use the Append option in order to get an updated video file (my_video.vob) with the most part of recovered video.