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Thank you CDroller !
Posted on January 02, 2015 by Adam E.

Around 8 years ago I placed a DVD that had some rather special photos on it, into a laptop. For some reason, the laptop did not recognize that the DVD had data on it and proceeded to prepare the disk as if it were new. This process erased everything on the disk. I saved the disk and every time I got a new pc or heard about a way to retrieve lost data, I would try the disk and make various attempts.

I had absolutely no faith in CDroller after these experiences, but went ahead and gave the trial version a shot. I was somewhat in shock when the program stated that it found data on the disk and proceeded to indicate that the data was jpg files. Without hesitation, I purchased the key to activate the full version. A few minutes later I was looking at the long lost photos from when I proposed to my wife! I cannot begin to express my gratitude for giving these cherished memories back to me and my family!

Adam E., North Ridgeville, OH, USA

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What can I say ?
Posted on May 25, 2011 by G. Wayne Dwornik

When you find yourself looking for a product like this, it's most often a pretty serious situation. As I searched the internet for possible solutions to help me retrieve unreadable files on a DVD video recorder, I found a myriad of products, none of which I had heard of before. But I needed something to fix this. I looked for reviews, and found your product sounded most promising. I really needed to get these files and quickly! Your product and your support team came through with flying colours!

The product installed quick and clean; although the screens looked foreign to me. Your support team provided fantastic assistance in checking all the details required for a successful recovery. 100% recovery. no hiccups, bumps or surprises. well the only surprise I encountered was how quickly and how well it performed. While I have only needed to use this once, I see from the menus it has an amazing array of problems it can fix; my experience tells me it would likely do well on them all.

At the time of this incident CDRoller was a shareware product with a ... reasonable price tag. I was most happy to pay for the product and for the additional support option. Chances are I will not require this software again. But you know, I am happy to pay and have it available.

Many people feel all software should be open or free... I would suggest people should consider what their own time is worth, or the value of lost files, and time... and then weigh the costs.

Thanks again to the CDRoller team. Great product. Great Support! Top notch service TOP Ratings in my books. and I am thrilled to share this high praise.

g. Wayne Dwornik, Lethbridge, AB, Canada

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After my PC crashed
Posted on March 23, 2007 by Peter Conway

Two weeks ago I suffered a 'crash' on my PC, losing all data from my hard drive. Since my desktop was getting on in years I bought a new machine, with XP installed. (Decided not to venture down the Vista route just yet!) However, when I came to load data from my back up cd's nothing would load. Messages about 'errors, corrupted files, unable to read data.....' , etc. I explored various other error correcting software and experimented with a few 'trial' versions - all without any success.

In desperation I contacted a company which offered to sort out the problem at £400 ($700) per disk! I tried one last internet browse and found CD Roller, played the trial, which seemed to work, so downloaded the full licensed version. Within four hours I had all my data recovered and installed on my new PC.

I cannot thank the designers of this software enough. Not only have you potentially saved me a great deal of money but also ensured that for the first time in two weeks I will get a good nights' sleep! I heartily recommend this software to anyone with cd/dvd data extraction problems.

Peter Conway, United Kingdom

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When HDD died
Posted on Oct 25, 2005 by Najem Al Hasan

On Saturday night we were backing up data to a CD using Roxio EZCD Creator and it kept failing at 94% for no apparent reason. The following morning, the HDD died. All our company data went with it - 3 years worth of hard work, all gone in an instant.

HDD recovery companies wanted to charge in excess of 300 GBP to simply diagnose - recovery would have been on top of that!

Your simple, affordable software was able to recover the data from the CD and literally saved our company from going out of business.

A "THANK YOU" just doesnt seem enough. Our families, our customers and our suppliers owe you for saving our livelihood.

I really hope you realise the impact of your fantastic software. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, from the bottom of all our hearts.

Best wishes,
Najem Al Hasan
Director, Limited, Livingston, United Kingdom

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Happy Thanksgiving Day
Posted on Nov 29, 2004 by Patricia Kuniega

I wanted you to know that you made my Thanksgiving Day a truly grateful one! The week before I backed up many of my autumn photos using Roxio's Direct CD. Not long ago I upgraded my operating system to XP and hadn't used the Roxio program in awhile. I carefully used the program software and watched all of my precious photo files being copied over to cd. A few days later (after deleting the original files) I found that I could not open the cd's at all. Not knowing whether it was my cd rom drive, the software or the purchased disks, I was just sick over it.

I purchased software to attempt to read the cd's but it was unsuccessful. The messages said the files were completely corrupted. I also tried to recover some deleted files from the harddrive but I don't have to tell you what a mess that was, and I gave up! Still feeling ill, but determined, I later visited the Roxio site where others had posted questions about a similar problem. Thankfully someone knew about your software and mentioned it in a discussion thread. I held onto my hopes until I first saw your program's screen with my file names on it! Then I got excited! Working with your program I was eventually able to recover all my prized photos. What a feeling of relief I had this Thanksgiving day!

Thank you so much for developing this software! It worked a miracle for me and I couldn't be happier that it exists!

Patricia Kuniega
Hatfield, PA, USA

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