Recovering DVD videos were converted from VHS tapes.

Memories have a lifespan. That's why we do our best to capture the most precious moments, from births to graduations, through the videos. Imagine, you've got a ton of discs with videos transferred from old VHS tape cassettes. To obtain these discs, you used a VHS-DVD combo recorder, or separate VCR and computer with DVD writer.

However, what if the disc was not finalized? You attempt to replay unfinalized disc in DVD player, but DVD would not be recognized. If you try to read such disc in your computer, it says the disc is now full (but will not play), or that there is no disc, or even that there is an empty disc but cannot be written to!

Fortunately, CDRoller helps you to gain access to the lost video data. In this article, we'll examine non-finalized DVD+R with a video that was transferred from Hitachi VM-H630E 8mm video camera, using Magix Red uw video's toolset. We use a laptop with Windows 10 and external CD/DVD drive connected via USB port. Certainly, we can use Recover DVD Video option. However, there is an easier way to recover a video from this DVD+R.

First, just start CDRoller and insert DVD+R into the computer CD/DVD drive. After the disc recognition, select Properties command in Other Tools section of the Side Bar (left panel of the program window).


Recovering DVD videos converted from VHS tapes. Properties option


Let's put a focus on the TOC Tracks tab.


Recovering DVD videos converted from VHS tapes. TOC Tracks tab


Here, we have to tell about important thing - there is no need to scan the Track #1. All recorded video is completely located on the Track #2. More, all video, transferred from VCR, begins on the sector with Logical Block Address (LBA) = 16384, and its length can be calculated as: 2186512 - (16384 - 15888) = 2186512 - 496 = 2186016.

Now, our task is to save the block of sectors with the Starting sector = 16384 and the Length = 2186016. For this purpose, we'll use the Copy sectors option. Just close the Properties dialog, select the Examine Sectors in the Other Tools section of the Side Bar and go to the Copy sectors tab.


Recovering DVD videos converted from VHS tapes. Copy sectors option


Here, we have to manually type 16384 into 'From sector:' and 2202399 (16384 + 2186016 -1) into 'To sector:'. Then, just click the Copy button. Under the next dialog, we recommend to change the file name from 16384_2186016.dat to 16384_2186016.vob. Then, just click the Save button.

After the process is completed, look at the 16384_2186016.vob file. This file contains all video recovered from DVD+R. To obtain a generic file in MPEG-2 video format, just apply Split Video option.