Recovering Video Off Mini DVD With CDRoller.

Posted by Jerry Andre, Federal Way, Washington, USA

My Daughter and Son-in-law just had a baby, his name is Zachary. They had taken a number of video scenes before, during and after the birth on their Hitachi DZ-MV780A Camcorder on two (2) filled Mini DVD-R discs which my son-in-law removed prematurely, not knowing to finalize before removal. He attempt to replay them in each of their DVD players. The mini DVD's would not be recognize let alone, play. And they would not be recognized by any other program on a PC, (playback or burning software or decoder), not even when put back into the Camcorder.

My Son-in-law contacted Hitachi Support whom assisted him in trying to finalize the DVD's and failing to do so, mentioned (off the record) to go to CDRoller . That was all the Tech would say, conversation over. My son-in-law did not have a DVD burner so gave the mini DVD's to me and told me what the Hitachi Tech said. I downloaded the Demo Version of CDRoller to try it. I had trouble at first then contacted CDRoller Tech support for help. I was impressed that the Tech, Paul Goldenberg did not pressure me at all to purchase the program, in fact, he restrained me until there was a good indication that we would have success.

After a number of email exchanges the CDRoller Tech said the Demo Program had a strong indication the the lost files were recognized and could be recovered and I would then need to purchase the CDRoller program to save and create the MPG clips with use of the new "Split Video" option. I did so with complete success. The quality of the clips are perfect without any degradation that can be detected.

I was instructed to load them into a Mastering program to play on a DVD player. I Mastered and burned the clips onto a DVD and gave a copy to my Daughter and husband. You can imagine their joy... They both cried while watching them... They had not seen the videos prior... and wept while seeing the video of the ultra-sound visit and the chaos of their new babies birth. My daughter tearfully hugged me saying "Thank you Dad" repeatedly. In turn, I virtually hug you and Paul Goldenberg, saying "Thank you".

Many thanks for providing this program and high level of technical support and for not using pressure tactics to purchase the program early, giving me genuine confidence that it would do the job first.

Very Truly yours
Jerry Andre

and on behalf of Jill, Bill and Zachary Hallett
Kent-Covington, Washington, USA

Happy family. CDRoller recovered all movies from mini DVD.

PS: I contacted a firm in Seattle Washington to provide this service for me. Their fee would have been $100/disc to analyze + $495/disc to recover and create a new DVD. I paid ~$30 for your program so I figure in this scenario what was saved besides the video clips is $1160.00 plus the satisfaction of learning something new and having the capability for future use. let alone the witness of joy from my family for the accomplishment.


By George McDonald, Austin, TX, USA

Paul - I received the new disc and it plays very well. You have made us very happy. When I discovered that the old disc had not been finalized I was very concerned and I went to several places here in Austin who told me that they could fix it - but never did. I was greatly concerned because the disc contained several events that needed to be on our family history file.

There are birthdays, holidays, High School and College Graduations of our Grandsons. There was also our grandson making his first "SLAM DUNK" in high school basketball. He played four years of College Basketball but this slam dunk was something the whole family wanted to remember.

I had about given up on ever getting it fixed when I saw the CDRoller ad on my computer and I decided to take one more try to get it fixed. You and your Company really came through for us. You did everything your ad promised and you worked very hard to help me. You answered very timely each time I had a question and of course your final act to get it fixed in Canada. I rate everything you did OUTSTANDING !

We have a million THANKS for you but we give you a last huge THANKS. Keep up the good work - we need people like you!

George and Wife


By Gareth Cheesman, Sawbridgeworth, UK

Your product has pretty much saved my life!

I had tried many different ways, but in the end, CD roller was the only software that could recover the contents of a mini DVD from a finalise-errored disc, AND then conveniently drop all the clips into separate video files. The disc in question was a once-shot amateur music video shoot, we didnt have the resources to shoot it again, so when the *@%$%ing camcorder chewed the disc up my heart stopped for about ten seconds and I went cold.

CD roller solved it all, no issues. WOW. JUST WOW. Thank you so much!!!


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