Recovering Pictures Off Sony Mavica CD.

By Chuck Miller, Grants Pass, OR, USA

I had a damaged mini CD from a Sony MVC-CD500 digital camera. Sony would not/could not help me. The CD contained 118 picture from a wildfire investigation that were important to the case. I sent the CD to a company in Canada and one in the mid west that supposedly restored hard drives and CDs. They both told me that there was nothing on the mini CD to recover. I knew better because I had viewed some of the pictures as I took them.

CD Roller was able to help me retrieve over 90 of the pictures completely and a half dozen or so partially. That was not the first CD damaged by my camera. I plan to use CD Roller again very soon. I also want to thank Paul Goldenburg for his excellent help in interpreting the instructions. I am not computer illiterate but I am not far from it. Thanks again guys for your super product and wonderful help!


By Kim Potaracke, WI, USA

My father passed away September 1st 2007 and I took photos of him in his last days with many of his friends and family. I tried to finalize the disk on my Sony Mavica 1000 cd camera and got a drive error message. I was just sick thinking I would not be able to see these or send them on to his friends and family.

I scoured the internet and noted all the "solutions" that discussed that it was a problem with my camera and I would have to send the camera in and spend up to $500 to get it fixed. I would have paid that to get the photos back as they were irreplaceable.

Somehow I ended up at the cdroller site and decided to try it since my other cds seemed to work in the same camera with no problem so I had a gut feeling that it was a disk error. After I bought the cdroller software online - which was easy and I downloaded the software and registered it-that was also easy. It took a matter of minutes to recover the photos. To say I am elated is an understatement. I am so grateful that this product was available. Thank YOU!!! kim


By Robert B., Apple Valley, MN, USA

I tested CD Roller at home and it was able to read the files on my unfinalized CDR from my Sony Mavica camera! Therefore, I bought and registered the program and it is fully functional! I can copy the photos to my HDD, no trouble.

I am very pleased, in fact thrilled that your program works so well. I will surely recommend it to anyone needing such software.


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