Sony Mavica CD camera
The Sony digital cameras that use 80 mm CD-R and CD-RW discs to record pictures, sometimes can not finalize a disc properly so it can be viewed on your PC. This can be caused by a lot of reasons. You can lose an access to the pictures due to the "Disk Error" message on the camera. Or, you're trying to recover accidentally deleted pictures. Or, disc finalization was accidently interrupted, for example, due to the power failure ... Fortunately, many of such problems that prevent "normal" access to the CD pictures can be bypassed by CDRoller.


1. Basic recommendations.

  • We highly recommend you to use CD-RW or DVD-RW drives (cd or dvd "writers"), because an old CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives (cd or dvd "readers") often can not access the lost files on the non-finalized discs.
  • Start CDRoller and select the Preferences option from the View menu. You should uncheck the Detect CD insertion by Windows and Always use CD drive capabilities boxes under the Browser tab before you will insert the "troubled" disc into the drive.


2. Recovering the lost files (pictures).

  • Insert the "troubled" disc into the drive.
  • Click the Preferences option from the View menu again. Select Sony Mavica (O) in the Forced Scan list under the UDF Reader tab and click the OK button.

CD/DVD data recovery options

  • The program will scan your disc, without using the system data. Are any files found? If yes, just save the found files with the help of Recover All / Recover Selected . Note. If some pictures look like corrupted, try to repeat the "forced scan" selecting the Sony Mavica CD. Also, this option is recommended to find mavica videos (MPG files).

3. Viewing JPEG images.

To view the found pictures (JPEG files), you can also use View Image option. Just select (mark) any JPEG file and click the View Image in the Side Bar (left panel of the window where you see the found files).

4. Burning the recovered files.

To backup the recovered pictures on a new disc, you can use our Burn option.

5. Recovering the lost pictures from flash memory cards.

To recover the lost files (pictures) from flash memory cards, you can use our Flash Data Recovery option.


Recover unlimited data for only US $49! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding data recovery with CDRoller, including pre-sales support.