DVD Video Recovery. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


General questions.

Q: I have a Sony DCR DVD108 Handycam and some DVD-R/RW discs (the little ones). Will CDRoller work so that I can download these discs to my computer and/or copy them to regular discs?
A: Yes. An actual method depends whether your DVD was successfully finalized by camcorder or not.
1. If your DVD-video disc was finalized successfully, you can replicate it, using ISO Image File:
  • start CDRoller and insert your disc into the DVD drive.
  • you should see UDF 1.02 in the File System column after the disc recognition.
  • select Extract ISO Image File option from the Tools menu and create ISO Image File (*.iso file).
  • use ISO Image File to make a copies of your DVD with the help of our Burn option. Just click the Burn option and select Burn a new disc from ISO Image file in the 'Start Window'.

    Make a new DVD-Video from ISO Image File

  • click the Next button and simply follow a further instructions.

2. In case of unfinalized DVD, CDRoller finds and retrieves VOB files, converts the recovered VOBs into generic MPEGs, and finally, makes a simple DVD-video disc (without menu) that can be played back on the most DVD players. Please read our guidelines.


Reading mini DVDs created by DVD camcorders.

Q: I have a Hitachi dvd video camera. It was filming on a dvd-r disk, and about half way through the disk I turned on the camera and got an error message. The disk wasn't finalized, as it was only half filled. Can CDRoller help to retrieve the video files?
Q: I was finalizing a DVD-R in my Hitachi DVD camcorder and received a disc error that was probably the result of a power interruption. What are my chances of recovering any of the material with CDRoller?
Q: I often get probs with the dvd-r disks I use in a sony camcorder dcr-dvd91, usually before finalising. Can your software recover data from these?
A: In order to find and retrieve the lost video and photos, we recommend to use Recover DVD Video option. Just follow the displayed instructions "step by step". To convert the recovered VOB or VRO files into MPEG ones, you can use Split Video option. Finally, just click the Burn button and make a new DVD-video disc that can be played back in the most DVD players.


Recovering video data off the discs created by DVD recorders (standalone devices)

Q: I'm using a standalone Thomson RCA DVD Recorder. I was backing up 2 home movies to DVD+RW when the power went off. How can i get the movies back that (obviously) did not get finalized during the recording?
Q: I recorded 3 DVD+R discs one after another, where the first was OK, but the other 2 were bad after recording. I am not sure, what the reason for the problem was, but I think, the device may have problems with overheating. Do you see a chance to recover these two recordings? The device is LiteOn LVW-5001.
A: CDRoller is able to recover the video data (VOB or VRO files) from the discs created by standalone DVD recorders. In order to find and retrieve the lost video, we recommend to use Recover DVD Video option. Just follow the displayed instructions "step by step". To convert the recovered VOB or VRO files into MPEG ones, you can use Split Video option. Finally, just click the Burn button and make a new DVD-video disc that can be played back in the most DVD players.


Batch Video Converter.

Q: Is it possible to BATCH convert VOB files extracted by CD Roller? I have ripped VOB files from 100+ DVD's. I want to convert them into MPEG or MP4 format for easy playback.
A: Batch Video Converter released in CDRoller v.12. If you have a lot of recovered VOB files, you can now convert them to MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 formats without manually loading each one and then renaming them.


Can't play recovered video files.

Q: Although the recovered video (VOB file) is about 1GB in size, it is only about 20 seconds long. I must be doing something wrong in the recovery process. Please help.
A: That is a typical problem if you try to play VOB files with the help of Windows Media Player (WMP) or some other software. The solution is our Split Video option. It converts the recovered VOB or VRO data into generic MPG files that can be viewed perfectly with WMP. Just click Split Video button in the top of the program window and type VOB file name in the next dialog.

Q: I have a mini DVD-R disc that was used in a Hitachi camcorder. The disc played fine in the camcorder until one day it said "disc read error". Now I cannot read it anywhere and it is not finalized. I used CDroller to find the lost files. It did. Then I Split the VOB into separate MPG files. Finally, the problem is that all the files do not have ANY AUDIO. It's just the lost video. How can I correct this?
A: It's a common problem if the sound has been originally recorded in Dolby AC3 format, but the correct codec is not installed on your computer. A possible solution is to install K-Lite Codec Pack.


Reading unfinalized AVCHD discs.

Q: I was trying to retrieve AVCHD disc created by Sony. Could you please tell me how to scan AVCHD DL mini DVD Disc using CDRoller.
Q: I am trying to recover videos from a DVD+R DL. I am using a Sony UX-7 and it is unable to read the DVD. I saw on the forums that your CD Roller Program would be able to recover files that weren't finalized. Please help.
A: The most common solution is the Forced Scan. That allows to find m2ts files on the unfinalized discs. Also, we can suggest some other methods depending on the model of your AVCHD camcorder. Please feel free to contact us.


Resolving a problem with 16:9 aspect ratio.

Q: I am recovering files from DVD-R disks written on my Sony DCR-DVD406E Handycam. I have 5 disks that did not finalise correctly in the camera. They are all taken using 16:9 aspect ratio. The files are found by CDroller perfectly. However, when I play the .VOB files with Nero Show Time they play in 4:3. I can force 16:9 and the data appears good but I want to write these files back to a DVD and have the correct aspect ratio. Also, when I use the Split Video I get .mpg files with 4:3 aspect ratio. How can i get a video with original (16:9) aspect ratio?
A: CDRoller recovers the lost video according to the MPEG-2 specifications and does not change the recorded aspect ratio. Unfortunately, some Sony DVD camcorders can create non-standard video streams. A solution can be the following:
  • use DVD authoring software that can read and then convert "non-standard video" to "standard" MPEG-2 stream. For example, Nero Vision v.5 from Ahead Nero 8 software package.
  • use software that came with your Sony DVD camcorder on CD-ROM to get "standard" MPEG-2 video. For example, Sony Picture Motion Browser:

    Sony Picture Motion Browser - Screen Shot 1

    Using the Convert to MPEG-2 and Save, you can simply convert the recovered MPEG files into generic MPEG-2 video.

    Sony Picture Motion Browser - Screen Shot 2


Recovering the lost video on re-formatted mini DVD+RW.

Q: My camcorder said "Disk Error" and i had to re-format the disc (mini DVD+RW). Is it possible to retrieve an old video?.
A: Mini DVD+RW, re-formatted by DVD camcorder, often looks like the erased one. In this occasion, an additional test is required in order to determine whether the old video is now accessible or not. Please contact us for more details.