The broadband internet has made it easier than ever to obtain a pirate copy of CDRoler. Perhaps you fit into this category? We know the reasons - it is cheaper (actually free). You want to "try before you buy", but the buy part fell off the "to do" list. But have you ever thought about the reasons why you shouldn't be using a pirate copy of CDRoller?

1. You never know what you are downloading.
Save all that effort searching for cracked software that may not work correctly. You have a big chance to spend a lot of time to recover the files from the troubled DVD, but get the damaged (incorrect) data in the result. Pirate versions of CDRoller tend to crash, contain obscure bugs and usually just waste your time for searching and downloading something that is not even close to the original CDRoller. You are faced with this same search each time you want to get the latest version.

2. Keep your computer protected - cracked CDRoller hides security risks.
Piracy and security threats come hand in hand, usually because they are done by the same people. When using a cracked copy of CDRoller you take the risk of being infected with a virus, Trojan horse, malware, spyware and other unpleasant surprises hidden in the keygen or the software itself. Usually, the problems caused by malicious code will cost you much more than the money you would pay for CDRoller license.

3. Take all the advantages of being our customer.
Owners of licensed CDRoller are authorized to use our support every time they need help or have questions. This assistance is provided directly from our developers and staff. You can always contact us if you have an issue - something that couldn't be done if you are dealing with faceless, nameless Internet pirates.

4. Buy CDRoller and support its development.
Believe it or not, but there won't be future CDRoller v.10, 11, 12, etc., if people keep pirating. Software development is an expensive and intensive process, just like the production of laptops and iPods. This process requires serious cash investment and CDRoller is not an exception. Keep CDRoller alive by purchasing your own copy!

5. No risk in purchasing CDRoller - we always offer Money Back Guarantee.
Our refund policy is a simple and fair. Working with you, we solve your problem or refund your money.

6. Using a pirated copy means breaking the law.
Piracy is not only a hobby or a way to save money. You should acknowledge that every time you install an illegal copy of CDRoller, you break the law and infringe our copyright. Isn't it better to invest some money instead of taking the risk to be involved in civil and criminal sanctions? Worry, who needs it!

7. Morals, we all rely on them every day.
When someone sells you something, you expect to get what you pay for and what was promised, right? Then why is not the reverse true, why shouldn't you pay for what you got? It is up to your type of personality and moral principles to decide what to do. We realize that if you are determined to use a cracked CDRoller, you will do regardless of how many reasons we give "Why not to". But, when you'll be ready to do the right thing, just go to our website again and we'll welcome you to the CDRoller family.


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