Session selector.

Normally, Windows standard tools allow you to access only the last session written on a multisession CD (DVD). However, you have two main reasons to access any session on a multisession disc at least. Firstly, when a new session is recorded, not all the files are copied from the previous one. Therefore, accessing the last session only, you have a chance to miss some data. Second, if the last session has damaged areas and some objects (files or folders) are not readable, you can try to recover them from the prior session(s).

Session selector for multisession CD (DVD). Data recovery from all sessions.


Using the Session selector, you can choose which session on a multisession CD (DVD) you want to access - meaning that you are not limited to accessing only the last session, as compared with Windows standard tools.

After a new session has been selected, you can run all the same operations which you can apply to any CD (DVD) with a single session under CDRoller shell (files execution, folders and files copying, search for the disk contents, etc.).


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