Photo Paul Goldenberg
Retrieve DVD video off mini discs
November 05, 2009


Did you just insert a mini (8cm) disc into your DVD camcorder, only to detect that your camera cannot see any video on it? Did your camcorder inexplicably generate "Disc Error ..." message one day? And then, a new recording or disc finalization was not possible.

You've accidently broken your camera and lost a priceless footage of your child's birthday. And, the mini disc looked like an empty in any PC or dvd player that you tried it in.

Sometimes, you cannot finalize a disc due to a low charge of battery in your camcorder. Or, the finalization procedure was (or you suspect it was) begun on a disc and for some reason failed. You attempt to replay unfinalized disc in DVD player, but mini DVD would not be recognized let alone, play. If you try to read such disc in your computer, it says the disc is now full (but will not play), or that there is no disc, or even that there is an empty disc but cannot be written to!

Fortunately, CDRoller will read mini dvd, and gain access to the lost video data. The program supports a wide set of 8 cm discs, including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM media types. Even if your DVD looks like a blank one, CDRoller may still be able to find the missing footages and convert them into standard MPG files that are ready to play back with your Windows Media Player.

CDRoller is available as a free evaluation download. Get your copy now, or read what others have to say on how it saved their important data.