To start the data recovery, you should use Recover All or Recover Selected option. Unlike Windows standard tools, even if it is impossible to recover all the damaged data, CDRoller recovers the largest part of CD/DVD/BD file, or fills unreadable sectors by zeroes to maintain an internal file structure.

CD (DVD) data recovery - Progress


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Saves recovered data into intermediate file. Further, the recovery can be continued (resumed) - just select (highlight) the same file again and click the Resume Recovery command in the Side Bar section of the program window.
  • Allows to skip files already processed (100% recovered) on the inserted CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc.
  • Displays the current results (recovery details).
  • Saves a results (report) into TXT and HTML files.
  • Changes a recovery settings, without leaving the process.
  • Skips file during the recovery process, if you decide a file isn't so important.

If UDF file consists of the different fragments (so called "extents"), you have the opportuntiny to recover each extent separately. Right click the file and select Properties command from the next (pop-up) menu. Go to the UDF Records tab in the Properties dialog.

Recover each fragment (extent) of UDF file

Select the file extent and click Recover Selected button. After the process is completed, just rename the recovered .dat file to the file with required extension. For example, simply assign .vro, .vob or .mpg extension for video file. A small advice. To change a file's extension in the Windows Explorer, simply right click the file and select Rename in the next (pop-up) menu.


Recover unlimited data for only US $49! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding data recovery with CDRoller, including pre-sales support.