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Lost Data? Don't Panic. Let CDRoller Help You
January 14, 2013


You've just put a perfectly fine looking CD or DVD into your computer drive, only to find that your PC does not detect any files on it? And, you begin to think that all business documents, family photos and movies, a valuable system backup are gone forever?

Every now and then you might encounter a disc that is not recognized by your computer at all. Maybe, you have a set of old and non-finalized mini (8 cm) DVDs, but the camcorder that took the movies is now broken, or even gone. Generally, you won't be able to view such disks on your PC. But what if you still want that on your computer right now, and later intend to create a new disc that can be played back on standalone DVD player?

Sometimes you've got a scratched CD or DVD, and sometimes the discs go bad because of the storage conditions, or even their age. Low quality media is also common. You might get a bad disc due to a failure of CD / DVD burner, or your disc was created with non-standard or badly configured CD/DVD writing software. The discs may be cheap, but their data're being read unsurely even on the CD/DVD burner with which they were recorded, and even worse on different drives.

After desperate searching for solutions, you've decided to finalize or repair the "bad" CD or DVD. Using a special polish tools or/and any CD/DVD "repair" software that promise you to do that. However, it is crucial to understand that fixing / repairing / finalizing discs is not a good way to assure your data will be safe! Although, in some cases CD and DVD discs can be polished to remove small defects, most of the problems home users experience are not related to scratches, even though it is often suspected to be the cause of all troubles. Also, please keep in mind that DVDs created by camcorders or standalone recorders almost always can be finalized only by original firmware of your standalone device.

We've come to the important conclusion - the most CD/DVD problems occur due to the bad or unfinalized recordings! The data can be recovered yet, but better do not attempt to repair (finalize) a disc. And, do not try to keep working with that bad disc, even if it is re-writable media, Get rid of the bad CD or DVD! The same issue seems to appear for blu-ray discs (BD and HD DVD).

When we say about CD / DVD data recovery, that means copying / extracting the data from troubled disc to a safe place (e.g. hard disk on your computer). Here, CDRoller can be a possible solution of your problems. For the past 12 years, the software has been focusing on helping our users retrieve the lost files from CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs. As you can see, a list of CD/DVD problems can be so long ... But fortunately, many of such problems seem to be bypassed when using CDRoller.

CDRoller is available as a free evaluation download. Get your copy now, or read what others have to say on how it saved their important data.