Key Features.

  • Extracts data into ISO Image File (*.iso file) from CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs with the different file systems (UDF, ISO/Joliet, FAT 32).
  • Can be used to copy (replicate) finalized DVD-video and AVCHD discs.
  • Supports Multi-Session discs, extracting data into ISO Image File from the selected session.
  • Uses all recovery methods to save a valuable data from the bad discs.
  • Creates *.iso file with buit-in ISO 9660 file system and Joliet files names extensions. This is the most compatible file system that can be read on every machine.
  • Converts UDF filenames to Joliet ones to ensure compatibility.
  • Automatically creates *.iso file with buit-in UDF 1.02 file system if a large file (over 4 GB) has been detected on the source UDF disc (session).
  • Extracts data into *.iso file from flash media cards.

To extract ISO Image File you can select the same option from the Tools menu, or click the button in the Side Bar. The program displays a progress dialog similar to the one shown here:

Creating ISO Image File

Note. To prevent copying of "inaccessible" files from flash media card to ISO Image, uncheck Display deleted files and folders under Browser tab in the Preferences dialog.


Burning a new disc.

To make a new disc from the recovered ISO Image file, just click Burn button in the Tool Bar, select Burn a new disc from ISO Image file in the Start Window and click the Next button.

Burning ISO Image File

Further, using a simple "step by step" procedure, you can select CD/DVD/BD burner (computer drive), add the recovered ISO Image File into your compilation and, finally, burn a new disc.


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