Audio CD digital extractor.

As compared with Windows Explorer CDRoller also displays audio tracks as files with .cda extensions, but unlike Windows Explorer audio tracks are files of real sizes contained on CD media. Further, audio tracks can be simply copied to Hard Disk Drive (HDD) by Drag-and-Drop, RecoverAll or Recover Selected commands, utilizing the method known as Digital Audio Extraction (DAE).

CDRoller - Digital Audio Extractor


Key Features:

  • Support of Dynamic and Fixed extraction methods with and also Burst Copying. With the help of synchronization technology used in the first two methods, you will almost never meet pops and clicks while extracting if the CD is not damaged and the ripping process is not interrupted by another application. Burst Copying just copies the audio data without any synchronization, but it is the fastest method that can be applied to a wide set of new CD drives.
  • ATAPI and SCSI drives are supported. CDRoller autodetects an appropriate read function for installed CD/DVD drive.
  • WAV (Microsoft Windows Media), MP3 (MPEG Layer 3 standard), MP2 (MPEG Layer 2 standard), OGG(Ogg Vorbis) and RAW (raw sound data) output files are available.
  • Utilizing a wide set of audio codecs and wave formats via Windows ACM (Windows Audio Compression Manager).
  • Support of Ogg Vorbis, a high-quality and patent-free audio encoder. Vorb_enc.dll is recommended as the most appropriate Ogg Vorbis encoder (DLL).
  • Lame and Blade MP3 codecs (DLLs) are supported.
  • "On-the-fly" encoding directly to the output file without creating an intermediate WAV file.
  • Simple navigation through the folders on HDD to select or change an appropriate encoder (DLL) without application restart.


To convert audio CD into MP3 files with Lame MP3 Encoder under Windows 10/11, we recommend the following way:

  • Install a free K-Lite Codec Pack. This package includes the Lame MP3 encoder by default.
  • Click Preferences button and select Windows ACM encoder with Lame MP3 in the Options under Audio Extraction tab.
  • Use Recover Selected or simply drag the selected audio track(s) and get the MP3 file(s).

Lame MP3 encoder with CDRoller under Windows 10