Disc Cataloger.

Disc Cataloger is based on Short CD/DVD Image - a packed file with unique name containing all storage structure of CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc. You can create this image with the disc name (label) or manually assign a new (friendly) name for each inserted disc. For multisession disc, the Short CD/DVD Image can be created for each recorded session. All images are being placed into a separate directory, assigned under CD/DVD Library tab in the program Preferences. When you insert a disc that has the image created before, CDRoller automatically recognizes this image as a "mirror" of the real CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc, displays it with an appropriate icon in the program window and, further, uses the Short CD/DVD Image to access to any folder quickly, without a real disc reading.


Key Features.

  • Organizes your optical discs (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) into the library.
  • Searches for CD/DVD/Blu-ray content without having a real disc inserted.
  • Protects the disc directories from reading errors.
  • Adds links to the spare files to protect, verify and fix a valuable data.


Short CD/DVD Image File


To create Short CD/DVD Image:
1. Insert your disc into the drive.
2. Select Tools | Short CD/DVD Image option.


Using spare files to protect disc data.

In addition to the directories protection, Short CD/DVD Image allows to use so-called spare files to keep your valuable data safe on optical discs (CD, DVD or Blu-Ray). Built on Reed-Solomon error-correction algorithm, spare files can verify your protected files have not been damaged and fix them if necessary.

Here are simple instructions how to protect a valuable data on your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc:

1. Create the Short CD/DVD Image for the inserted disc or selected session.

2. Right click on a file inside the image and select the Create spare file.

Create spare file

3. The program creates spare file and links it with the selected file in the Short CD/DVD Image. After that, the selected file will be displayed with Protected attribute in the program window.

4. Further, if the protected file will look like a corrupted, try to verify and fix it with the help of Repair file option.

Repair file