CD/DVD media cataloguer.

CD/DVD media cataloguer is based on usage of Short CD/DVD Image - a file packed in a special way with unique name containing all storage structure of CD or DVD. You can create the image with CD/DVD name (label) or manually assign a new name for each inserted disk. For multisession disk you can create CD image for each session. All CD/DVD images automatically are placed into a separate directory assigned in the Preferences dialog. When you insert a disc that has the image has been created before, CDRoller determines this image as a "mirror" of the real CD or DVD, displays it with appropriate icon in the List window and further, utilizes image to access any folder quickly, without reading the directories on the disk really inserted.

Short CD/DVD Image File

With Short CD/DVD Image you are always able to:
  • Organize your discs into the library easily,
  • Produce fast and easy to use CD/DVD catalog. You'll operate with images exactly in the same way as with usual CDs or DVDs, even launch programs from it (but you'll be prompted to insert a Real Disk, of course),
  • Run powerful search of CD/DVD contents in "real" CD(DVD) or/and in the created CD/DVD images (in the created library) with detailed settings where to search and how to search. You can search for folders and (or) files by many user-defined criteria (name, size, type, date, etc.). You can also use your own comments (with wildcards), limit the search results by date and size, sort displayed results and repeat the search to select the objects by new criteria from the data obtained previously,
  • Searching for CD/DVD contents without having a disc inserted into the drive,
  • Compress disk into compact image file. With its embedded powerful data compression engine, CDRoller packs an average CD image into a single file of several tens of kilobytes, not megabytes!
  • Create effective reading errors protection. Being created, CD/DVD image enables to recover the directory structure if fatal error of any type occurs, while reading CD(DVD) media.