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7.4. Creating Short CD/DVD image

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CDRoller offers a simple CD/DVD catalog that is based on usage of Short CD/DVD Image - a file packed in a special way, with unique name containing ALL DIRECTORY STRUCTURE (directory tree) of the disk, including complete folders and files names with attributes.  This enables you to browse through the folders, search for the files or/and folders which you need (with the help of Tools | Find option), detect the prorerties of them, using the Properties command, but in order to retrieve any file, you should insert a "real" CD or DVD. When you insert a disc that has the image that has been created before, CDRoller determines this image as a "mirror" of the real CD(DVD), displays it with an appropriate icon in the Main window and further, utilizes image to access to any folder quickly without reading of inserted CD(DVD). This is an extremely useful if your "real" CD (DVD) has become a disc with unreadable folder(s)  and, therefore you can not access to its files.




To create Short CD/DVD Image:

1. Insert CD or DVD into the drive.

2. Select Tools | Short CD/DVD Image option.


You can create the image with CD (DVD) name (label) or manually assign a new name for each inserted disk. In case of multisession disc, you can create CD/DVD image for each session. All CD/DVD images automatically are placed into a separate directory assigned under the CD/DVD Library tab in the Preferences dialog.


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