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7.3. Extracting ISO Image File

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Key Features.

· Extracts data into ISO Image File (*.iso file) from CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs with the different file systems (UDF, ISO/Joliet, FAT 32).
· Can be used to copy (replicate) finalized DVD-video and AVCHD discs.
· Supports Multi-Session discs, extracting data into ISO Image File from the selected session.
· Uses all recovery methods to save a valuable data from the bad discs.
· Creates *.iso file with buit-in ISO 9660 file system and Joliet files names extensions. This is the most compatible file system that can be read on every machine.
· Converts UDF filenames to Joliet ones to ensure compatibility.
· Automatically creates *.iso file with buit-in UDF 1.02 file system if a large file (over 4 GB) has been detected on the source UDF disc (session).
· Extracts data into *.iso file from flash media cards.


To extract ISO Image File:

1. Insert the disc into the drive.

2. After disc recognition select Tools | Extract to ISO Image File option.

3. The program displays a progress dialog similar to the one shown here:





Note. To prevent copying of "inaccessible" files from flash media card to ISO Image, uncheck Display deleted files and folders under Browser tab in the Preferences dialog.



Burning a new disc.

To make a new disc, just click Burn button, select Burn a new disc from ISO Image file  in the Start Window and click the Next button.




Further, using a simple "step by step" procedure, you can select CD/DVD/BD burner (computer drive), add the recovered ISO Image File into your compilation and, finally, burn a new disc.

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