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8.5. Recovering disc data

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Q: I have just purchased CDRoller, and though i have identified the missing files, i cannot do anything with them, i.e open and copy to a HDD. Are there instructions?

A: First, please make sure you have registered CDRoller with the help of your license key. Please select Help/About option and look at the 'About' dialog. Do you see the '(Registered)' near the version number?  If the problem still exists, please consult our Support Dept. at


Q: I have copied back up files to a CD-R in several stages, but the last time I backed up, I was only able to see the most recent batch of files. The others seem to have disappeared... I presume they are still there on the CD but "hidden" in some way - may be a different volume ?

Q: I am trying to recover some data from a CD.  Using CDRoller, I can now at least see (and access) some of the files on it.  However, it seems like many files are still missing.  However, I ran the "Disc Test" and can see that there are several tracks with varying amounts of data on each of them. Is there a way to access each of these tracks independently to recover my data?

A: Please try Session Selector built in CDRoller. Your CD seems to contain more than one session. In CDRoller 5,  in order to select a new session, you should right click on CD name in the List Window and use 'Session' command from pop-up (context) menu. You can also select a disc first and then use 'Session' command from File menu. Beginning on CDRoller 6.0, a list of available sessions is simply displayed in the main program window. Just click a new item with 'Disc Session' type to select a new session.


By default, CDRoller manages folders and files from the last session, placed on the disc. Using Session Selector, you can access to the data of all sessions recorded on CD or DVD.


Q: Used your trial to see if it would recover my QIC backed up files. A report said that they were 100% readable, but could you tell me if your program can recover the original files from the backup?

A: A .QIC file is a backup file written by the program built in Windows 95/98/ME. Unfortunately, data sets generated by Windows 95/98/ME backup software are not compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. We can assist you to extract files from *.QIC backup, but this requires some additional steps beyond the regular ("standard") version of CDRoller. For inquiry, please contact us at



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