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6.2. Using Session Selector

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We often receive the emails similar to the following one:

"I have copied back up files to a CDR in several stages, but the last time I backed up, I was only able to see the most recent batch of files. The others seem to have disappeared... I presume they are still there on the CD but "hidden" in some way - may be a different volume ?"


Fortunately, CDRoller offers the tool named as "Session Selector" to access to the data placed into different sessions (volumes) on your CD or DVD. These disks are known as multisession CD/DVDs. By default, CDRoller displayes contents of the most recent session.





To select a new session, just click a new item with 'Disc Session' type in the main program window. Then, try to apply the Recover All command, or simply Open  a new session. Probably, you will detect a new files that have been "hidden" before.


Note. Recover All retrieves all files from the selected (current) session only.



Sessions Selector may be also extremely useful if the root folder of the last session seems to be unreadable at the "Disk recognition" stage, but some important files may be located (duplicated) in the previous session(s).

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