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8.4. Reading UDF Discs

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Q: I have a disk that was written to be used with a UDF reader... but can't use it now. Will your program run it? Under Windows 7.

A: Certainly, we assisted many customers around the world in the similar situations. Since CDRoller has a built-in UDF reader, there is no need to search and install 3-rd party software (UDF drivers) in order to read UDF discs under Windows 7.


Q: I am trying to double click on CD name in the List Window, but i get the message about "corrupted root folder". Is there any chance to read CD data?

A: The root folder on your CD seems to be unreadable (corrupted). At first, if your CD is a multisession disk, please try Session Selector in order to retrieve the data from previous session(s). If your troubled UDF disc is write-once media (CD-R/DVD-R/DVD+R/DVD+R DL), try Search All VATs option in order to find and retrieve the files from the previous "backups". Often, this is useful if your disc was created and unfinalized by Adaptec (Roxio) DirectCD (Drag-To-Disc) software.


To find and recover the lost files on all UDF discs, we recommend you to use Scan UDF Disc option from the  Tools menu.


Finally, please feel free to contact our Support Dept. via email at to receive a technical assistance shortly.


Q: I burnt my DVD in several stages with Roxio Easy Creator Classic 6. However, only the files from the first backup (session) seems to be shown. Why? How i can see the files from the second, third, ... backup (session)?

A: If you have not changed the default settings in the Project Properties, Easy Creator Classic (EZ Classic) writes the both UDF and ISO (Joliet) file systems on the DVD discs. Unfortunately, probably due to the bug,  EZ Classic hides a new files in UDF folders, but always shows them in ISO/Joliet ones. A solution is the following:

· Run CDRoller without any discs inserted.
· Click the Preferences from the View menu and check on Read only ISO 9660 tracks box on the Browser tab in the Preferences dialog. Click the OK button to close the Preferences.
· Insert the DVD into the drive and click the Refresh button in the Tool Bar. Only ISO/Joliet files and folders will be shown.
· If the disc contains a several sessions, use the built-in Session Selector.


Q: I have detected that CDRoller is not able to recognise (identify) my UDF disk inserted into CD-ROM drive (cd reader). However, if i insert the disk into CD-RW drive (cd writer), all files seem to be visible and i can also run Scan UDF Disc to look for the deleted (lost) files. Why?

A: Since UDF disks are written with so-called "packet-written" technology, some old CD-ROM drives can not recognise them at all. Also, if your CD is damaged, incorrectly closed or very poorly written you may also run into the problem that some readers can access to more CD data than others. In case of big problem, please try a few CD / DVD drives, ask your friends and/or colleagues to run CDRoller on their drives. You often have more success in cd data recovery, if you use CD(DVD)-RW recorders (cd writers) instead of CD(DVD)-ROM drives (cd readers).




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