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8.6. Reading mini DVD-R discs created by Hitachi DVD camcorders

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Q: I have a Hitachi dvd video camera.  It was filming on a dvd-r disk, and about half way through the disk I turned on the camera and got an error message. The disk wasn't finalized, as it was only half filled. Can CDRoller help to retrieve the video files?


Q: I was finalizing a DVD-R in my Hitachi DVD camcorder and received a disc error that was probably the result of a power interruption. What are my chances of recovering any of the material with CDRoller?


A: In order to find and retrieve the lost video, we recommend to use Recover DVD Video option. Just follow the displayed instructions "step by step". To convert the recovered VOB or VRO files into MPEG ones, you can use Split Vdeo option. Finally, click Burn button and make a new DVD-video disc that can be played back in the most DVD players.

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