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8.3. Opening CDRoller

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Q: My drive cannot see the inserted disc. No any analysis from the side of CDRoller.

A: If your computer drive does not recognize a disc, this is not a "software" problem and cannot be cured by software.  The drive independently decides if the disc is valid.  The solution is to try a different drive.


Q: After i have inserted a disc into the drive, the program seems to hang my system. Any suggestions?

A: 1. Perhaps, your drive can not support some special methods to recognize unreadable disk. Please try the following way:

- Remove the disk(s) from the drive(s) and start CDRoller again (without any disks inserted).

- Click the Preferences from the View menu. Uncheck the Always use a drive capabilities  and Detect disc insertion by Windows boxes on the Browser tab in the Preferences dialog. Click the OK button to close the Preferences.

- Insert your disc into the drive and wait for the end of the disc reading processed by another CD/DVD/BD related program after the disc insertion.

- Click the Refresh button in the Tool Bar.


2. Under Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1, please select SPTD interface under the Browser tab in the program Preferences and try to read your disc again. Separately, please try to Set Exclusive Access under the Browser tab in order to avoid a conflict with "malicious" filter drivers that can be installed by 3-rd party software.




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