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6.7. Recovering files from UDF discs in ISO mode

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Sometimes, CD/DVD/BD mastering software places ISO/Joliet file system on the UDF disc. If the disc contains both UDF and ISO 9660 file systems it shall be known as a UDF Bridge disc. This UDF Bridge disc will allow playing DVD-ROM media in computers which may only support ISO 9660. An example of UDF Bridge disc may be DVD-Video disc created for DVD players.


By default, CDRoller reads the contents of UDF partition, because this is an universal way to find and recover the lost data. However, UDF directories can become corrupted due to errors of  CD/DVD/BD mastering software, bad quality of DVD media and some hardware problems. A solution can be to try to read the disc in ISO mode:

· Click the Preferences button in the Tool Bar and check the Read only ISO 9660 tracks box under the Browser tab in the Preferences dialog. Click the OK button to close the Preferences.
· click the Refresh button in the Tool Bar. If your disc has ISO/Joliet partition, you should see ISO/Joliet in the File System column instead of UDF.


Note. If the disc contains a several sessions, please use the built-in Session Selector.

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