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8.7. Retrieving the photos from mini discs created by Sony Mavica CD cameras

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Q: I have tried using the software to open a mini Cd that I took picture on with my Sony Mavica CD camera. Do you have any suggestions on how I can open and save the pictures on the CD?


Q: I have a Mavica photo disk that is damaged, it contains very important pictures, and I'm DEVASTATED! Please give me a few simple hints on how to get started.


A: In order to read the troubled and/or non-finalized Sony Mavica discs, we highly recommend you to use CD (DVD)-RW drive ("cd or dvd writer") - old CD/DVD-ROM drives ("cd/dvd readers") may not access to the lost data. At first, we recommend to follow the instructions from the Chapter 6.8.3 and trying Sony Mavica(O) and Sony Mavica CD options from the forced scan list.

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