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7.1. Testing Disc

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With the help of Disc Test, you can check if a disc contains errors. It can be useful to:

- Check the quality of the CD/DVD/BD media.

- If you have a CD/DVD/BD recorder, you can check whether the data (files and folders) on the disc are written correctly.

- Get advanced information from the Disc Volume.

The test can be used for both data and audio dscs. It also examines Multisession and Mixed mode discs.


The list of tests includes File System test, Disc Surface test and Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) Quality test.  Since the program automatically determines the disc type, it always knows what the test from the list can be applied to the CD/DVD/BD inserted into the drive. With the help of Disc Test options, you can manually include (exclude) an appropriate test to (from) the list, set scan ratio while testing the disc surface and also select tests of all sessions or only current session on multisession disc.


We recommend you to run the disc test periodically on the discs with ISO/Joliet file systems, in order to make sure a valuable files were really ("physically") placed on the disc, particularly in the following situations:

- if your DVD was created by Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express.

- if your CD with photos was burnt from memory cards.


To start the disc test, please select the Test Disc option in the Tools menu. The program displays a progress dialog similar to the one shown here.




After all tests have completed, the program generates the report(s). An example of ISO/Joliet File System report is shown here.





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