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8.1. License and purchase

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Q: I have a computer at home and one at work. Can i use CDRoller on the both computers if i purchase Personal License?

A: Yes, if you purchase Personal License, you can install and use CDRoller on all of your computers, including laptops. Just do not transfer your license key to another person.


Q: How can I license CDRoller?

A: The fastest way to license CDRoller is to use the online registration form, and pay with your credit card. Orders are handled via secure connection, and you can receive a personal license key immediately after ordering. You can also order CDRoller by phone, fax, PayPal, or wire transfer. Please visit the web page at and select an appropriate method of order.


Q: Do you offer a volume discounts?

A: Yes, a great discounts are available if you purchase 2 or more licenses at once. Please visit the web page at to see our volume discount prices.


Q: I need to re-install CDRoller, but I have lost my license key. Could you send me a license key again?

A: Yes, of course! Just drop the letter to and we'll send you a personal license key again.


Q: I'm a registered user. How I can upgrade CDRoller?

A: Please visit the web page at to see our Upgrade Policy.

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