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7.10. Reading Disk Image Files

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Basic Guidelines.


1. Install CDRoller and do not forget to check the Include Extended Data Recovery... under Select Additional Tasks page. This will allow the program to read the disk image file.


2. Start CDRoller and choose Extended data recovery ... under CDRoller - Start Window dialog.




3. To add an image file to the list, click the Add image file button and choose your file in the next dialog. The CDRoller - Start Window dialog appears as follows:




4. Select image file in the shown list and click the OK button. CDRoller examines the image file, and you can see it as a separate volume in the program window:





Note. CDRoller has the ability to display Evidence Item Information for the image file recorded in Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF). Just right-click the name or icon in the program window and select the Properties in the next (pop-up) menu.


The Evidence Item Information is displayed under Image file tab in the dialog as follows:



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